A trip to Blist Hill, Shropshire

On a flying visit to Shropshire we dropped into Blist Hill for a visit, the last time was 11 years ago!!

We arrived early and got parked easy and got in without any issues. The first thing we saw was a horse having new shoes put on, it was all done on the street and not hidden away which was great to see, many people were watching and taking pictures. We wondered around the large site, with lots of the shops open and people dressed in their victorian clothes added a nice atmosphere to the streets, we had a lovely chat to the policeman who liked our dog. As the morning went on the people came in and the site was quite busy.

We walked along the canel to the incline lift which was great, we had a ride down and then up as we wanted to go along to the Hay Inclined Plan, stood there for a while as our boys (15 & 18) were dicussing it at length. Then they wanted to go back to the Incline lift and down to the fair ground. We also had a trip on the mine train and enjoyed the rest of the site.

We enjoyed our visit although were a bit disappoint that the steam locomotive wasn’t running up and down the line and the Waliis Roller wasn’t in steam being it was the summer school hoildays.


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