Getting ready for The Dene Rally

This weekend has been a busy one here at SOP, cleaning and polishing Victoria, cleaning, polishing and bleaching out the wagon, fixing Jacks tractor and putting a new exhaust on Jacks mates car… Phew busy busy busy.

Where shall we start!! With the easier of the jobs, cleaning Victoria, time was spent in between other jobs cleaning her, still plenty to do so I’m sure there will be some evening cleaning this week. Then the wagon, this is the first event of the season where we will need full use of the wagon so Wendy has started given it a good clean and bleach out, washing all the bedding and repacking ready for the weekend. Jacks tractor next !!!! Last year on his way to The Dene Rally his tractor started to not run right so we looked at it a few times over the rest of the season but time run out and soon the winter was here and it was put back in the yard and left. In January time Lloyd and Jack started looking at what it could be, asking everyone and their dog what could be wrong with it and finally now its running again. After many hours taking it to bits, replacing loads of bits, head stratching, putting it back together we have cracked it. Lets hope long many it last so Finnigan will go to the ball, well The Dene Rally.
Lastly Jacks mate, Elliott needed help fitting a new exhaust to his car so they done that Saturday too, all in all a very busy few days but we are now looking forward to The Dene Rally and hope to see lots of you there….

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