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We have just noticed that we haven’t posted on this website for nearly 3 years!!! What a shame that we haven’t kept up the post and news of Victoria and what we have been up to. I think the problem being is we have been up dating our Facebook page and failed to use our website, naughty naughty! Well that is about to change, I, Wendy will try and up date the news here on a more regular basis as I know not everyone has Facebook and this website should be kept up to date too. Gosh I fill like I am giving myself a really good telling off…

Right lets start with some news, Victoria and Lady will be at The Weald and Downland Museum this weekend 17th & 18th August in Singleton, West Sussex at the Saddles and Steam event, now the weather is not looking great but if your at a lose end then please do come a visit. Hopefully there will be loads to see and if it rains you can always shelter in one of the museums houses.

Next We now have 4 story books in the Victoria’s Torton Tales story book series, take a look at our website to see all about them

Lots have been going on since we last posted but we will now look forward and make sure we up date the page with regular news, so we will see you very soon…

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