Lords Farm, Petersfield

On the Saturday before the event Victoria had her steam test in the morning which she passed. So it was then decided that we would chuff to Petersfield and get her in the field before the event on Sunday, the weather report wasn’t looking to good so we thought this would be easier getting her in and out on Sunday afternoon. The weather was great on Saturday afternoon and we had a lovely steam to Petersfield then she was all covered up and left until tomorrow morning when we would be back for the event.

This is an event that has been running for a number of years and we have tried to support it ever since we have had Victoria, Lords Farm have raised a lot of money for many different charities over the years and we always like to support John with the event and its is usually well supported by many local people with tractors, cars and commerials. As we drove to Petersfield in the car it was pouring and didn’t seem to be any chance of it stopping, when we have arrived in other years the field is full but today there were a few cars and tractors there. We went into the wagon and put the kettle on and decided we would wait a while before we took the covers off of Victoria as there weren’t many people walking around. We had a lovely cuppa and some cake and by 11.30am it had eased off a bit so we put a fire in Victoria and done a bit of cleaning. More vehicles then turned up which was great and the public turned out to.. Although we had some showers through the next few hours we had a wonderful time, seeing many friends to catch up with and have a laugh with. The weather certainly tried to dampen our spirits but it couldn’t.

We hope that John will be able to give to his charities this year as he has for many; we had a lovely day and would like to thank John and his team for all their hard work that goes into putting this great event on..

Here are a few pictures that we took while the rained had stopped.

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