Victoria goes back to school

Victoria at Liss Infants School, February 2006.Victoria at Liss Infants School with the children sitting round her, February 2006.

Victoria at Liss Infants School

Back in November 2005 we were asked if we could take Victoria up to our village infants school. Our youngest son Harry, who is a pupil there, was very keen to take HIS traction engine to his school to show all his friends and teachers. They were studying different modes of transport and as the teacher said to me “They’ve all seen cars, bikes, trains, and motorbikes but never a traction engine.”

So one cold February morning we took Victoria back to school, the children’s faces were a delight to see. They were all very excited and well behaved, asking questions that were different from those an adult would ask. The local press were informed and they came along to take pictures, so we made it into the local newspaper.

All in all we had a wonderful day the weather was lovely and the children were great.

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