Yearly Preparations

The on going job of maintaining a Traction Engine in tip top condition has meant that a lot of effort has been spent over the last few weeks. Bits and pieces of paint work needing some love and attention and the inevitable worn down finger tips from rubbing back the old paint in preparation for the new.

The majority of the work should be completed soon and Victoria will be ready to meet her public!

Not only has work been taking place on the main attraction, Victoria, but also on her companion our living van. Repairs to the boards on the outside, a good coat of wax on the W.SEWARD and SON name boards for the sides, and a new floor inside.

Next step some updates to the electrics in the living van and this year it really should be home from home.

Our first event is going to be a proud one. We have been invited to form part of the entertainment for the VE Day celebrations in our village of Liss, Hampshire. So it’s time to break out the flags and our “best bib and tucker”. Which reminds me, we must order new overalls!

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