Kingsley steam and vintage rally

They were blessed with fine weather. This well established rally has been in its present location for a number of years. Kingsley steam and vintage rally, organised by the C.S.V.A.C. was held over the weekend of the 25th and 26th June this year and after a thundery start both days.

The C.S.V.A.C. is primarily a tractor and stationary engine club which is reflected in the high number of entries in these classes, but a good selection of other vehicles were on show. The steam section was well supported this year with 3 agriculturals, 2 rollers and a steam tractor in addition to a good number of models, unfortunately, as per most rallies these days, smoke was a bit of a nuisance due to the unavailability of good quality coal.

Generally speaking, Kingsley is a good ‘club rally’, not too big with a very relaxed atmosphere run by dedicated volunteers who want everyone to have a good time, and we think most people did. The engines were able to move about freely, much to the delight of the visitors, and there were plenty of other attractions to hold peoples attention.

Some improvements could be made in the signposting and advertising as, other then a few posters, nothing appeared in the local press which we think would have added to the visitor numbers. Next year, if the same site is used, perhaps the organisers could make better use of the ground available as some section were very cramped while others had a great deal of space, otherwise just keep up the good work. See you there next year.

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