Kingsley Steam and Vintage Vehicle Rally.

Held in order to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, the Kingsley steam and vintage vehicle rally is in it’s second year at it’s present site and is rapidly becoming a notable date in the rally calendar.

Though primarily a tractor and stationary engine event, it is being discovered by the owners of other types of preserved vehicles including cars and motorcycles.

 Two full sized steam engines were present and spent the weekend happily chuffing around the large field in the glorious weather, drawing admiring looks from visitors. Not to be outdone, the steam miniatures and other large models also toured the site, this was nice to see in these days of the dreaded heath and safety  rules that usually severely restrict vehicle movements at events. 

Another refreshing aspect was the complete absence of public address loud speakers with their constant background chatter. Kingsley is an old fashioned rally where people are allowed to have fun, a rare commodity these days, something that is greatly appreciated both by exhibitors and visitors alike. KL.

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