The 2011 Sewards of Petersfield Steam and Vintage Gathering and Road Run.

Held as usual in the field alongside the Spread Eagle pub in West Liss, this years event was the biggest yet. The programme listed141 entries but with late comers and a few vehicles that turned up on the day, the score rose to 160 plus.

Eleven steam engines were present including two newcomers to the show, a 3 ton Wallis tractor converted from an incomplete roller during it’s restoration and an 8 nhp  McLaren road locomotive visiting Britain from New Zealand, Seward’s reputation is now truly worldwide. The McLaren certainly looked impressive on the road and there was some concern among visitors at the gate as to whether it was going to get in!

Two other unexpected vehicles that attended were from the collection of a local haulage contractor, a 1930’s Bedford and a 1916 ex First World War FWD , very rarely shown in public and was a wonderful machine.

The weather was almost perfect with only a shower on Saturday morning interrupting the July sunshine, this ensured a good turnout for the annual road run to Petersfield and back on Saturday afternoon. All the visiting engines took part passing through the town centre and Liss village where there were a good number of spectators to watch the procession.

Sunday was an even busier day, Exhibitors that had been put off by Saturdays shower came instead on Sunday ensuring that the show field was full to capacity with exhibits and visitors. Many people stopped to listen to Liss Band after lunch and appreciated a grand performance.

All classes of exhibit were well represented, tractors, stationary engines, cars, models and motorcycles with some seldom seen examples in each class. The steam miniatures were well supported this year.

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable weekend that is going from strength to strength, see you all next year..

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