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Jack’s Pub Road Run

Jack’s Pub Road Run


Well what can we say, we had such a good day on Saturday, with friends new and old, our steam engines and a couple of pubs and a great road run the perfect way to spend time….

With Victoria being steamed up at home on her own while a few miles away there were 4 more engines getting ready to come to collect Victoria before going off for a run to the pub for lunch. By midday we were all together outside our house and passengers were all climbing in the trailers to enjoy their ride to The Seven Stars Pub at Stroud, just the otherside of Petersfield about 10 miles away.

We had a good jounery and all arrived safely with the Foden Wagon being the quickest so arrived first followed by Burrell SRL “Lady” and about 10 minutes later Marshall “Victoria” and Garrett “Lady Olivia”. There were a couple of our friends, Les and Mike already there with their tractors. I think the pub wondered what was going on as they had no idea that we were coming but they didn’t mind at all, with most of the 20 or so of us buying drinks and lunch they were quite pleased! We were also joined by a couple of Land Rover Fire tenders at the pub and they kindley filled us all up with water which was great. We stayed here chatting and catching up with friends before we all headed back to our engines and off on the road again this time back to The Spread Eagle in Liss for a drink and to meet Mike Oldham with his roller “Roslyn”

Again we all arrived and took over the field, the tractors and Land Rovers also joined us again. Here we relaxed and chatted more. All to soon it was time to head back to the farm were we would sheet up and go home, well that was the plan.

All passengers back in the trailers and aboard their engines and then there was a great convoy of steam engines going through Greatham. Jack wanted to take some pictures of Victoria, Lady and his tractor together which we did, then rather than putting Victoria away we took her into the back field were lots of friends had either a drive or a steer round on her. To soon it was getting late and engines did have to be put away, it was to late to bring Victoria home so she also stayed at the farm and we will bring her home somewhen else.

All in all a great day, we met Victoria’s previous owners Peter and Shirleys children, Teri, Martin and his wife Val. They came with us for the day riding in our trailer behind Victoria, it was so nice to meet them and we got on so well. They had a go round the field on Victoria and hoping we can all do it again sometime…

These pictures below where taken by Mike Jeavons at the pub, thanks Mike,  if you want to see loads more pictures from the day then visit our Sewards of Petersfield Facebook page