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What have we been up to…..

What have we been up to…..

Victoria at Ropley Station

It’s been a few weeks since we have posted on here so we thought we would give you a quick update on what we have been up to.

Over the Easter weekend we were going to go out with Victoria and Lady, the weather was good and decided to pop down to Petersfield just to give them both their first run out for 2022, sadly in the end it was just Victoria on the Saturday but we had a great trip to Petersfield, just Victoria, no trailer or living van which is unusual for us we always have one of those behind her, she went well and we had a great time. On the Sunday Lady came out for a quick chuff, just around the village and again all went well. Nice to get both of the ladies out.

A trip to Carters Steam Fair, we had never visited before so thought we would take a trip to Pinkneys Green and have a look, we had a great evening and enjoyed out time there.

The trailer work has still been happening although not for the last few weeks as we have been busy with other things, holidays, parties and work on our other toys! This weekend coming, jubilee weekend, is all about the trailer and getting it finished before we need it to go on our travels to West Sussex in a few weeks…

At the end of April we picked up our new car, well new to us but he is nearly 40 years old! Before steam engines cars were a big part of our life and there is another whole story there for another time but we purchased a Lancia Volumex Coupe, we have already had some great trips in him, oh his called “Vernon” by the way and we have some events booked in with him over the next few months so we are looking forward to them.

We had an holiday in Waterhouses, which is a village in the south of the Staffordshire Peak District not far from Leek, spent a lovely week there in our caravan, we saw some steam, road steam, rail steam, large and small and we had a trip on the steam ship “The Daniel Adamson” and visited some lovely places. A great week but it was soon back home and back to work, we then had a family member 60th, Happy Birthday Wendy and then time to prepare for our trip to The Watercress Line. 

The few days before we were meant to be on the road to The Watercress Line are just a blur, we were really busy with work and one thing and another and really thought we weren’t going to make the event but Wednesday evening the living van was tidied and the engine clean and up Thursday to steam up!!! Wow it was a rush but we made it, it was a great event, never been before so always nice to do a different event. To see more pictures from this event then visit our Facebook page and have a scroll through where there are lots for you to see.

We are now looking forward to our long bank holiday weekend were we will be spending most of it working on our trailer and enjoying our time off. We will post an update on our trailer work after next weekend..