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A catch up with you all

A catch up with you all

Victoria in steam with friends, 2020

So we have the new refreshed Sewards’ website, which we are really pleased with and hope you all like it too, but we have no events dates, event reports or much to report at all really as Victoria has been sitting under her cover since December 2019 really.

At the start of 2020 we had many events booked in and were looking forward to returning to the rally field for another good year but alas that wasn’t to be, so when in March 2020 we went into lockdown that was it and nothing really happened for a few months. When we came out the other side of what we thought was a rough few months we thought about getting Victoria’s steam test done ready for the last few months of 2020 and then on into 2021.

In October we finally got her steam test done and decided we would take her out for the afternoon and all have a drive and steer of her just to remember how great it is being out with her. We had a fabulous time with her, lots of fun and laughs, which we had missed from the events over the season of 2020. We had arranged that maybe we would do a couple of trips out and we usually go out with her over the festive period, but with November came more Covid bad news, tier systems, no mixing with others and then lockdown again. Christmas came and went, and again as we all know lockdown came again and now here we are.

Today Victoria is still waiting to come out for a chuff but when this will be who knows, but we are looking forward to that day to return.

So since December 2019 when Victoria return from her last outing she has been out once, our living van was parked up the same day along with our trailer which hasn’t turned a wheel since. On the plus side the living van did have its chassis painted and looks very smart.

We hope to stay in touch with you all now with our new site and hope to see you out and about very very soon.

Here are a few pictures of our one and only day out in 2020.

Keep safe.