Brooklands Museum

After a christmas present was given to us to drive in a new Mercedes AMG at Mercedes World we decided that we would spend the day out which would also include a visit to The Brookland Museum which is only a 10 minute walk from Mercedes World.

After parking our car we found the entrance into Brooklands, since we had last visited, which must of been about 12 years ago there was a new shop and entrance. On entering the site there are lots of sheds and in these there are some wonderful cars and motorbikes on display. The first shed we looked in was called “Jackson Shed” here there were the grand prix exhibitions including a McLaren Formula 1 simulator and a Senna show car which the children could sit in. Next we visited “The ERA Shed” that had been a workshop and showroom in the 1930’s, it now housed the special record exhibition and there was plently on show here including the Napier-Railton and many motorcycles. The was also a nice exhibition of cycles through the years.

We then decided to grab a coffee in the Sunbeam cafe which is housed in what they call the club house. Next we took a look around the aeroplanes they have on display, firstly we went in the big hanger called The Wellington Hanger which was built in 1936. Here there were plenty of aircraft to see and to our youngest sons delight a Harrier Jump Jet cockpit to sit in. Outside there are more planes which you can go in and take a look. The thing that everyone wants to do at Brooklands is the Concorde Experience where you get to go and have a look on Concorde G-BBDG which was taken out of service in 2003. If you visit Brookland please make sure you book this before you go as it gets very busy and you have to go on in groups.

The other new building that’s there houses a very large bus collection, this is the largest private sector collection of London buses ranging from 1890’s  to 1970’s.

All in all a very good visit, loved all the vehicles and planes on display. Through the year they have many events here and I think this would give the museum a bit more atmosphere but its well worth a visit.

After our Brooklands visit it was back to Mercedes World where Lloyd would show off his driving skills!!!

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