Chatham Dockyard Steam event

On a very chilly Easter Sunday it was decided that we would take a trip to The Chatham Dockyard event in Kent, arriving at about 11am and parking the car was easy but getting into the site was not so easy. Having to wait in a queue out in the bitter wind wasn’t much fun… After entering the site in front of us on the large open gravel area were a few engines were getting steam up. There were also a nice selection of cars and buses on display and a very welcome coffee stall which warmed us up after our queuing in the wind. We wondered around the site where there were more vehicles on display including cars, military vehicles, commercials and just 3 or 4 tractors. We notice that the miniatures where moving around the site but sadly the full-size steamers weren’t moving around but we did then get to see the large locos moving around the site which was nice to see. They was plenty of things to look at in all the buildings including the street where they film the TV programme “Call the midwife” sadly for us it didn’t mean much as we have never watched it but it was nice to see nonetheless.

We had a good day despite the chilly weather but just a bit disappointed that the full size steamers are moved just once in the day on the parade through this large site.  Shame there not allowed to move more freely around the site to give the place more atmosphere of a steam rally.

Hope you enjoy the pictures below of the event…

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