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A day out at last

A day out at last

Victoria and Lady at the pub

Finally we have been out for the day with Victoria and Lady, yay!!

On bank holiday Sunday we took a trip out with the 2 girls, we decided to go to Petersfield where we made a few stops and had a lovely picnic before stopping at the pub for a quick lemonade and back to the yard.

We trundled down through Greatham, which was busy as the A3 was chockablock so everyone was using Greatham as a cut through but we did slow them down, then through Liss Forest and up Hillbrow out of Liss and onto the old A3 now called B2070. Then into Petersfield where we stopped at the Petersfield Museum, the Museum has had a long expensive redevelopment over the last few years and opens its doors today (9th June) for the first time, good luck, we can’t wait to visit. We then went down The High Street and onto the Heath where the local fair we attending for the weekend, the Heath was very busy and we couldn’t find anywhere to park near the fair so decided to carry on a little further. Here we stopped and went onto the Heath where we had our picnic, we were then joined by a few other friends who knew we were out on the engines. We also had one of the steam world reporters with us, James Hamilton had joined us on his bike for the day, how does that man ride that bike so quick and so far!

Then it was back on the engines and the few passengers we had back on the trailer and off to the pub at the top of Hillbrow near Liss. We then made the slow trip back down into Liss and back to the yard. All in all a great day, felt fantastic to be back out on the engines and doing what we all loved doing.

Crews for the day were, Lloyd and Jack on Victoria’s footplate, while Kev and Wendy on Lady’s footplate and riding in the trailer behind Victoria was Harry, Alice and Teri.

Looking forward to our next trip.

Thanks to Alice and Jack for all the pictures below.