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Into the New Year

Into the New Year

Victoria and trailer

Here we are just heading through January and already we are hoping 2022 will be a better year for many events. With the last couple of years lost forever we hope that many of the events will come back in 2022, it must have been so difficult for so many.

We look forward to getting Victoria out and about again this year. Last year wasn’t as bad as 2020, but we only attended one rally in 2021 and that was Balls Cross. We did however manage a few road runs and a couple of trips to Hollycombe at the end of the season.

We usually have a trip out with Victoria over Christmas but sadly in 2021 it didn’t happen, we have had other things to deal with including a family member recovering from an long stay in hospital and we just couldn’t do it, hopefully this year…

So 2022, what are we hoping to do? We have a few new events, hopefully, to attend and then there are the old favourites, although we have heard rumblings about venue changes and things for a few of our favourites, and then some not happening at all. We keep our fingers crossed and hopefully we will be back out and about very, very soon.

Victoria is all ready to go, steam test done for this year and when she comes out from under her winter sheet there will be plenty of cleaning to do, there was also talk of given our trailer a bit of a make over this year but with the cost of wood and how difficult it is to get hold of we will see if that happens this year. As for the wagon that just needs a good clean on the inside and the wheels washed, she will be ready for the road.

Keep an eye on here and our Facebook page for updates on events we will be attending and don’t forget we now have a great range of merch, T-Shirts and Hoodies in adult and children’s sizes, visit our shop page here and get yours for the 2022 rally season.

Keep safe everyone and we will see you all very soon.