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Victoria at the wedding

Victoria at the wedding


We were contacted by the NTET and put in contact with a couple who wanted a steam engine at their wedding, the wedding was only going to be 10 miles from us so we said we would love to bring Victoria along.

We meet the couple, Sarah and Jonathan and their children back in December when we had Victoria in steam and was off to the pub with friends in our trailer for lunch so we invited them along to to join us and see if this is really what they wanted for their wedding. Well they loved it and we put their wedding day on our calendar in May 2016.

Over the next few months we keep in contact via email and the odd meeting to check venues etc but before long the big day was here and on the Friday before the wedding we steamed Victoria and trailer over to Beech near Alton in Hampshire ready for the next day.

Saturday we were up early steaming up, polishing and cleaning and then off to the lay by were we would collect the bride and bridesmaids. We chuffed through Alton to the registry office were a old vintage bus had delivered the guest to and were waiting in the hall, we unloaded Sarah and her beautiful dress followed by her lovely bridesmaids and then off they went. While they were in there we add some “Just married” banners to the side of the trailer ready for there next journey in the trailer.

Before to long we were loading the trailer up with bride and groom, children, friends and family, we then made our way to Alton Station where they were catching the steam train on the Watercress line. We safely made it through the town and onto the station were all their guest were waiting for them and to lots of cheers as we arrived.

While the wedding party enjoyed the train we got in the trailer and went off to the pub for lunch.. Later we returned to Beech village hall for the reception and evening parting.

What a fantastic day we had, it was a joy to be able to do the wedding, everyone seem to have a great time and it was a pleasure to be part of the day.

Congratulations to Sarah and Jonathan on your marriage from all the Seward’s crew and of course Victoria..