Engineer, Threshing and Haulage Contractors

Attempt to Commit Suicide

Reported in the “The Hants and Sussex News” on the 6th September 1916.


A crime of a very tragic nature, which has caused a great sensation throughout the district, was committed at Headley on Saturday afternoon, when a well-known Liss man shot his wife with a revolver and then tried to take his own life by shooting himself in the head. They were both removed to Alton Infirmary, where the woman died on Monday Morning.

The man whose injuries were less grave is expected to recover. He has for many years been employed as an engine-driver by Mr Walter Seward, of Petersfield, and resided at Rockpit Cottage, Liss. From the nature of his employment, and the fact that he was a native of the locality, he was known to many people Petersfield and the surrounding district.

It seems there has been an estrangement between Smith and his wife (who are a middle-aged couple with a grown up family) for sometime past. Mrs Smith recently left him, and he went to see her at Headley on Saturday to try and persuade her to return home. On her refusing to do so, he appears to have shot her as stated.

It is expected that an inquest will be held on the deceased woman today.